Claes Tingvall

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Professor Claes Tingvall is retired from the Swedish Transport Administration where he was Director of Traffic Safety until July 2015. Claes Tingvall was involved in developing Vision Zero from day one in January 1995. He has also been Chairman of Euro NCAP, Chairman of ISO 39001, the global management of traffic safety and also Professor and Director of Monash University Accident Research Centre in Melbourne, Australia. Claes Tingvall has published in scientific journals in epidemiology, safety rating, safety management etc. He has a PhD in Medical Science from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and adjunct Professorships both at Chalmers in Gothenburg and Monash University in Melbourne. As of May 2016, Claes Tingvall is also Doctor of Science h c at Emory University in Atlanta, US. He has also been awarded the Gold Medal from the Swedish Engineering Society for his work on Vision Zero. Claes Tingvall is currently Senior Consultant at ÅF Technical Consultants in Sweden.

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